Ecision Making for Leading Multi-Cultural Groups/Teams


How important is a a?cultural frame of referencea? in decision-making for managers of multi-cultural teams? Describe how and explain why an American team leader might make very different management decisions (for example staff evaluation) for their teams than an Asian team leader working for Toyota. Make sure you discuss three positive and three negative effects of such cultural differences on day-to-day operations (please use real-life examples). You are expected to do some research for this topic.

The essay should be about 800 (about 65 lines or 3 pages) words but not more than 1,000 (about 83 lines or 31/2 pages) words (I will stop reading after 1000 words). It is important to learn to write clearly and concisely. The answer must be submitted in printed form using a 12-point Times Roman font, double-spaced, with 1margins at the top, bottom, and sides of each page. Students must submit all assignments in WORD format. Please label your file using your last name.