Ecision Making Tools MATRIX And Tools Optimization Analaysis

By this point in the Ph.D Management of Decision Making course, youve utilized and explored a wide variety of decision-making tools (reference the papers from 6 previous weeks ATTACHED). This Application lets you begin organizing those tools into a coherent personal decision-making process which will ultimately become your final project for the course.

I. Create a matrix that identifies a Toolboxof techniques and analysis tools that would be useful as you continue to create your decision-making processa and that you might use in your ongoing professional work.

II. Align the tools you identify to steps in the decision-making process youve begun to identify as one you prefer, even if you have not solidified precise steps and their ordering at this time.

III. Prepare your response in a 750to 1,250-word document. This work will contribute to your Week 12 project, so plan to incorporate feedback.