Ecision Making under Uncertain Conditions based on ambiguous probabilities:Does the Disjunction Effect Exist?

Dear editor,

I am glad you will finish writing my paper and I trust you will do an excellent job 🙂
Would you please:

-proofread the sections marked in red on grammar and style (please write in British English)

-write a?1.4.4 certainty effecta? and a?1.4.4 reflection effect a? (in case you will be using other sources than the ones listed in my reference list would you please add them)

-write an introduction of a few sentences after a?1.4 discussions of theories and effectsa? to summarize or introduce the theories that will be explained in the following

-please do not change the formatting of my paper except editing tables: 5, 7, 9, 10, 11, and 12 like table 6. is done

-please write a?4. DISCUSSIONa?

According to my professor it should have the following structure and should contain:
1) A short summary/introduction as to what the current paper investigates
2) The hypothesis and results
3) Again a brief definition of the disjunction effect to compare if the results of the current paper are in line with disjunction effect or not. M professor interpret the statistical results with the following comments:
-bandwidth of uncertainty has an influence in the economic scenario
-probability does not matter in the non economical scenario
-there is a discounting of information but it is linear (not absolute) size of uncertainty matters, implausible data is discounted

An OUTLOOK should contain the thought that a progressing experiment with an upper bandwidth of 95% and 75% bandwidth probability information might be interesting cause participants might discount these to a¦ (..)

-please also write the Abstract
it would also be good to explain why and based on what the hypothesis were generated (1.5)