Ecision process of the Russian Real Estate Purchase

As we have discussed with the writer this is a Research and Methodology Chapter order.
As I have discussed with Steve from Customer this is the Research Design and Methodology chapter for my dissertation. I will provide the rest of my dissertation with all the instructions. You can find some information in my attached dissertation. Also that is what I expect to get in this chapter:

For Design Methodology Chapter I have ordered please see the structure I require:
1) the expert review (Delphi method)
2) Describe that we use CIC Gletcher Ltd to study the decision buying process of luxury private properties in Russia. Conducted interviews, have a lot of notes, but no recordings as this market is very specific and clients refuse to be recorded. However, I have recording of the company workers, however they are in Russian.

Gletcheri??s web-site: http:// I have parts of my dissertation where you can find gletcheri??s description. Gletcher is a construction and investment company that constructs luxury gated communities around Moscow! and people buying properties are form Moscow! Private investors such as rich businessmens and top managers of big companies whoi??s income put them in an upper class. I was doing research via internet to determine competitors such as Park Ville, Residence Benelux, Rubin Estate and what are their policies and that Gletcher differs form them as they care about every client and do not sell houses to people with shade reputation in order to make this clients life comfortable with their neighbors. Also fletcher use friendly environment which is adjusted to each client: place of the meeting (restaurant, office, inside the gated communityi??s sales office), study clients preferences in terms of property (crucial factors e.g. security, particular infrastructure) and also the style of the conversation. That is why rich clients tend to come and become Gletcheri??s clients as this level of serves is usually the most important factor during selling process, convincing the client to spend 5-50 million dollars on a property is a difficult job.

Please, ask as many question at any time, preferably via e-mail. I will try to provide more instructions.