Ecisionmaking behavior of the president during a major international or domestic crisis

You will write a research paper, approximately 10-12 pages, on the (e.g., President Kennedy during the Cuban missile crisis) OR a president s effort to develop and implement a new major foreign or domestic policy program (e.g., President Nixon s opening up diplomatic contact with the People s Republic of China or President Johnson s effort to push through a revolutionary civil rights agenda or President Roosevelt s efforts to save capitalism in the U.S. during the Great Depression). Alternatively, you may choose to critically examine the leadership of a certain president in a broader historical-institutional sense, assessing how this president s tenure in office significantly changed the office of the presidency or the nation. Any topics outside these three options must be  OK-ed by either me or my teaching assistant. The only major restriction you will face in selecting your research topic is that the presidencies of Bill Clinton and George W. Bush are off-limits. The reason for this restriction is to ensure that you are introduced to the office of the presidency and a president outside the span of your  adult political awareness . This research paper must not be merely a descriptive recounting of a particular foreign policy event and the president s decisionmaking behavior during that crisis, for example. It must be explanatory and analytical in nature