Eclaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution

Hello, this does not have to be in APA format or have any reference pages. I go to school online called Ashford University. There are 2 links in there with information one on The deceleration of Independence and the other for the US Constitution. In three pages they would like
1Examine the actions of King George III that Thomas Jefferson identified as justification for American independence from English rule.
2Analyze how the U.S Constitution was crafted to prevent similar abuses from occurring in the new republic.
3Assess the possible role ethics played in the development of these founding documents.
This has to be saved as .doc please.
If you would like to go on my ashford student portal the link is the login username is MIPRIM7596 and the password is Mtrimis88. To the left there will be a class POL303. click enter classroom and to the left click week 2 and it is the assignment in there. If there are any questions please E-mail me or call me on m y cell. Thank You..Please respond with an approx date of completion and when i will receive it. THANK YOU!