Eek Squad: A New Business for a New Environment

After read the Geek Squade which I will send you later, please follow the following requirement to write the essay:
Summary of the case
State the problem or issues to be addressed
2.Discussion Questions and Answers:
State the question and then break it down into parts. Each part will probably require a separate paragraph.
3.Action Plan:
If the questions at the end of the case do not clearly ask you to state what you will do to solve the problem or address the issue, then you must add a section in which you state the actions you will take to solve the problem.
Attention: Please format your report exactly as outlined and remember, avoid simply summarizing the case or rewriting the case as discussed in the book. I am looking for your independent and critical thinking skills as well as secondary research on the topic. Cite your sources and add value and depth to your analysis.

Added on 02.06.2015 23:05
Try to keep your answers based on facts and provide to-the-point explanations.