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English Essay

Essay Two--Definition with a Purpose

Essay Two Definition
Length: 1100 words

definition as an expository mode is a more complex activity. You will want to move beyond mere dictionary definition. Instead you will examine the limitations of definition or competing definitions in your essay.

As always, be sure to review the material on the definition mode in Module 2 and in Chapter 11 of Patterns With a Purpose. Your goal will be to define a word in order to express a clear purpose. For example, in  I Want a Wife, Judy Brady articulates her feelings about women s traditional role and its downside. In  What is Poverty, Jo Goodwin Parker tries to expose the reader to a deeper meaning for a term he/she hears constantly and perhaps often ignores.

Choose one of the following assignments:


Consider the following skills as you draft your essay:
* A title that establishes a clear sense of purpose (a Mini-thesisif you will)
* An introduction that uses an approach discussed in the Writer s Toolbox (Module One). A clear thesis in the introduction reflecting the process of thesis revision in Module One.
* A clear sense of purpose behind the definition (see pages 492-494 in Chapter 11).
* Concrete supporting details that illustrate the purpose (see pages 494-495 in Chapter 11).
* A definition written with a specific audience in mind (see Module One)
* Command of basic writing conventions, transitions and paragraphing
* A conclusion that uses an approach discussed in the Writer s Toolbox (Module One).
* Grammatical competency.
* Clear sentence structure.