Efining Medical Conditions and Cycles of Care

We will now apply our theory and frameworks from the texts and articles to a?practicea? with a case study on defining medical conditions and cycles of care. Your write up should generally be three pages long. Please use texts:The Strategic Management of Health Care Organizations Ginter, P.M., Duncan, W.J., Swayne, L.E. Jossey-Bass, 03/18/2013, 7th edition (chapters 1,2&3), and the Strategists Toolkit Harris, J.D. & Lenox, M.J.A Darden Business 7th edition (July 9, 2013)-(read part one) and 3 other references of your choice.

Defining Medical Conditions and Cycles of Carea?The unit of value creation in health care is not any one intervention, but instead the particular medical condition faced by the patient. Thus the ability to both create value and subsequently compare it involves defining the parameters of a medical condition and the parties involved in its treatment. Our research has identified providers who have been able to identify specific conditions and their appropriate multidisciplinary provider and ancillary care taker teams.
Case:a?Schon Klinik: Eating Disorder Carea?Michael E. Porter; Emma Stanton; Jessica A. Hohman; Caleb Stowella?Product #: 712475-PDF-ENGa?a?The Schon Klinik is a private, for-profit German hospital group trying to establish itself as a premium health care provider in a competitive German market. The case details Schon Kliniks founding, its early focus on measurement and improvement, and the design and implementation of a system-wide structure for measuring and reporting actual health outcomes. The case details the care cycle for eating disorder patients and highlights the role outcomes measurement has played in improving eating disorder care over time. It ends with a discussion of Schons innovative bundled reimbursement models and challenges the reader to explore how to develop new pricing and care delivery models that encourage integration of care around patient medical conditions. The case also discusses the German health care system, its regulatory constraints, and Schons attempts to change the paradigm of competition in the sector.a?a?Learning objective:a?Health Care Strategy; Value Measurement in Health Carea?a?Subjects Covered:a?Business processes; Community development; Competitive advantage; Compliance audits; Demand measurement; Execution; Fair treatment; Growth strategy; Health care; Incubators; Metrics; Performance measurement; Public health; Regional economic integration; Social responsibility; Valuationa?a?Setting:
a? Geographic: Germany
a? Industry: Health insurance
a? Industry: Hospitals
a? Industry: Mental health care
a? Industry: Specialty hospitals
a? Company Employee Count: 7600
a? Company Revenue: 530 million Euros
a? Event Year Begin: 2011

Case Questions:
1. What is Schons overall strategy for growth and value improvement?A  Is Schoan successful?A  How do we know?
2. How would you evaluate Schons outcome measurment system?A  Why does it seem to be working? How is Schon using outcome information with other stakeholders?
3. What is Schons model for delivering care for eating disorders?A  How would you evalaute its approach?
4. How could the approach to eating disorder care be improved and expanded?
5. Evaluate the budled payment model for depression.A  Does it appear to be working? Should Deerberg pursue bundled payments for eating disorder care?