Efining the term Family with Same Sex Parents

All students will be required to submit a 5-7page research paper on a topic related to the course. You have an option to develop your paper in 3 stages the outline The purpose of the paper is to provide an opportunity to explore the role cultural diversity has in the daily interactions among people. The research conducted for this paper, should provide an opportunity to gain knowledge on issues or specific cultures.
This paper should clearly articulate your thesis and should provide evidence that you have satisfactorily explored and researched the topic. The arguments presented should be well supported by research and your perspective can and should be incorporated within the paper or at minimum in the conclusion. All papers should be in APA format. Students may either research a topic from the list provided or identify a specific cultural group to research. In either case, the intent of the paper is to increase knowledge related to that specific topic or group and to identify how this knowledge will assist in better meeting the needs of that population.