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Please include works cited pages.

Research Essay Assignment

What is this essay about?

Your task is to support an argumentative claim thoroughly with your own strong logic supported by outside and class material. To do this, you must deeply explore through the research process a topic that has been brought up in the assigned readings this quarter, probably relating in some to the book The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks.

Your purpose in this essay is to examine a problematic and significant question and reach a satisfactory, well-thought-out conclusion, using evidence found in source material to support your own ideas and points.

Please donat start off with a claim that you want to find research to prove; instead, do the opposite: start off with an idea that you know you need more information about and research to find answers to your questions about that topic.

Think about an issue that has been discussed in this class during the quarter about which you are interested in learning morea hopefully an issue in which you are personally invested and would find fulfilling to research. The research process is much more pleasant if you enjoy the topic youare investigating. The questioning to start with is what from the readings this quarter you want to learn more about and have evidence about.

FOR EXAMPLE, at the beginning of and again later in Skloots book, she references (in Chapter 6 for the first time) The Tuskegee Project,but much more is to be known about that topic--far beyond what she includes. I modeled for you the process of academic inquiry that begins a research project like this assignment by doing some research for you and including some additional sources in the required course materials. I located a non-fiction documentary (Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment: Documentary), a fictionalized film version (Miss Evers Boys), as well as a historical event (President Clintons apology). These resources fleshed out our understanding of the project, but certainly much follow-up research could be done. At this point, we could ask several questions: What impact has that study had long-term? Can we find information of the descendants of the men in the study? What specifics in medical ethics developed because of that study? Can we find additional information on similar studies done during that time period?

Then, I located another documentary called Acres of Skin to develop our understanding more thoroughly, and based on the ending segment of that film, I located an article called Beyond Misdiagnosis.Throughout this process of inquiry, and now that you have analyzed and understood all of these materials, our expertise on a topic--medical experimentation on marginalized populations--deepened, right? What follow-up questions would you ask now?

This research process models for you that you can deepen your understanding of any topic found in The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks through the library resources.

How long does this essay have to be?

Technical Requirements: The finished essay should be 5-7** pages in length (not including the mandatory Works Cited) and formatted as follows: properly headed; double spaced throughout; 12 point, Times New Roman font; 1-inch margins; no extra spacing.

How many sources do I have to use in this essay?

You will use at least one assigned reading from our class, and your essay must also utilize three outside sources, preferably varied among the following: magazine, newspaper, & journal articles; books; surveys. Avoid general internet searching. I feel sure that most students are quite comfortable Googling anything, but the goal of this assignment is for you to branch out and learn a heightened method of research--academic. No .coms or .orgs should be used unless you have a very specific reason for doing so, and these should be used quite sparingly.

So that totals four outside sources in your 5 to 7 page research essay. You may use more than 4, but be sure to keep that balance between your words and supporting material in the range it should be: 80%-ish your words 20%-ish documented text. I recommend that you consult at least double the number of sources you will eventually use in the essay itself to make sure that you have found the best supporting material that you can for your topic.

Documentation: We will use the MLA documentation format. You are responsible for documenting your sources thoroughly and clearly distinguishing between direct quotes and paraphrases. You should use direct quotes (both embedded and block style) as well as paraphrase or summary of your source materials. Any use of anotheras words must be properly documented within the body of the text based on MLA guidelines. All source materials should be smoothly integrated into your text.

How do I get started researching?

Research Process--ideas: Now that you have thought about ideas from class that you need more information on:

1. Decide on a topic to search, say financial aid in higher education. Keep asking yourself what specifically you want to learn about your overall topic: How much financial aid is available to students of color? Do more scholarships go to students of color? How much financial aid is awarded on merit and how much on need? These are fairly broad questions, and they will help you get your research process started.

2. Then research using the library to find additional sources on your topic. Using the approaches offered in the library session, delve into the process of discovery that is research.

3. Use the sources found in research to narrow your topic. While your initial search topic may have been broad, the research finding that grabbed you narrowed your thinking on the topic. Use these sources to decide what your narrowed, specific focus will be.

Research Processa practical research strategies: Please consult the library guide/library session.found through the Library website (Course Reserve and then by my last name (Stevens).

Writing Expectations: This essay is the culmination of all the work weave done in ENG 101 so far. This essay will be written from an academic objective point of view: in other words, you will not be referring to yourself as a?Ia? within the paper, but you will be exploring your ideas (objectively). Your essay should have a clear thesis statement; solid, thorough support that substantiates and leads to that thesis; logical arguments, including con-arguments; well-developed paragraphs with direct topic sentences; and appropriate, compelling textual evidencea properly documented. Of course, grammar and punctuation usage should be correct and effective also. Use the MLA section of your handbook as a guide (or ask me) if you have questions along the way. All expectations of academic writing established in the lesson Academic Essays Standards apply to this assignment.