Elaborate sustainable solutions on how to reduce construction waste during construction sites in United Arab Emirates

In the Methodology chapter you are supposed to discuss the different methodologies used by other researchers who worked on problems similar to yours, identify the strengths & weakness of what they have done then chose and defend the method(s) you will use in your research. You are NOT to describe what the different methods mean in abstract.

Please this is the second time that I order the methodology and because Ii??m limited in time I want you to stick on these comments.

The titles of this chapter should goes like:
What are the different methods used by other studies or researchers working on the same topic as mine.
Weaknesses and strengths of each of the methods being used by other researchers.

The selected methodologies to conduct this study (defend that selection)

Note: In my research I used the Literature review, survey questioners and case study as a methods to conduct this paper, so please in this chapter I want you to stick of what written above by discuss what other researchers used to work on the same topic and give positive and negative defends on why did I chose the literature, survey and the case study in this research.