Elebrity as a Public Norm, Their Private Behaviour in the Realm of Public

Task -
Within a topic of your choice, critically analyse how concepts of the public have structured attitudes and behavior. In particular, pay attention to 
(a) criteria for categories derived from these concepts, and
(b) their normative implications

The work should:
1. Demonstrate a clear and critical understanding of theoretical constructions of the public domain that are relevant to your subject.
2. Show and ability to critically apply that understanding to the analysis of attitudes and behaviour in respect of your topic.
3. Present clear arguments for the conclusions and insights you seek to draw, grounded on evidence specific to your subject area.
4. Be clearly structured, presented and organized.

Criteria for first class is -
Original insights derived from critical application of theoretical frameworks to your field. Originality may relate to the insights about the substantive field derived from your application of the conceptual frames. Or they may relate to insights about the limitations, complexity or inter-relation of the theoretical frameworks themselves, derived from this attempt to apply them. A wide range of reading, from within and outside the reading list.
The reading list given in the module booklet regards Sennetts theory was -
Aries P et al. (1987) A History of Private Life Cambridge Mass. Harvard University Press
Carr S et al. (eds) (1992) Public Space Cambridge, Cambridge University Press
Goffman E (1963) Behavior in Public Places New York, Free Press
Goffman E (1971) Relations in Public: Microstudies of the Public Order New York, Basic
Lasch C [1980] The Culture of Narcissism London, Abacus
Ryan A. (1983)  Private Selves and Public Parts in Benn SI and Gaus GF Public and Private in Social Life pp. 135-154.
Sennett R (1978) The Fall of Public Man New York, Vintage
Silver A (1997)   Two Different Sorts of Commerce Friendship and Strangership in Civil Society in Weintraub J and Kumar K (eds.) Public and Private in Thought and Practice: Perspectives on a Grand Dichotomy Chicago, University of Chicago Press pp. 43-74
Reading outside the reading list is compulsory.
My department has adopted the Birmingham-Harvardreferencing system (information available on sk04prequotrefs.pdf), there should be reference in the text and also in bibliography.
Please use more literatures rather than journals.
Regarding referred literatures, the more the better.