Electronic medical records problem in Critical Care Nursing

1. Select a health care management trend or problem (electronic medical records problem in Critical Care Nursing). Select this issue using the texts, lectures, online discussions, or your own experience. Be prepared to support with 6 peer-reviewed journal articles. (i.e. Wikipedia is not an acceptable academic source)

2. Select a health care professional who can discuss the impact of this health care management topic on her or his organization and similar organizations. Think about choosing a person who is in a position you would like to be in 5-7 years from now or in an organization you would like to work in.

3. Prepare an Interview Protocol for a 30 45 minutes face-to-face interview based on your previous research. In case a face-to-face proves impractical, you may default to a phone interview. Include the phone number of the interviewee in your paper

4. Prepare a written report (1000-1200 words, double-spaced, typed pages in APA format) that includes a review of the 6 peer-review journal articles, a description of the research methods used to conduct the interview, and a summary of your interview findings and the extent to which these results support or reject your health care management research literature, and a list of references using the APA Report format. Do not use any newspaper, magazine or non-reputable references.

I will update the information of my interviewer later