Eleritas, Inc.: Leadership challenges in a fast growth industry

Dear Writer,
this is managerial leadership class for MBA and our teacher is asked us to analyze the clayton industrues: peter Arnell, Country manager for Italy case study which i attach to my file. the steps should be as follow:
1. problem definition
2. analyze the case by mentioning who are the players, how they impact the case, use the internal and external analysis
3. what is the possible ALTERNATIVES in this case ( use 4 alternatives)
4. analyze the alternatives completely and write the consequences of it
5. choose 2 best alternative you want to choose for this case. in this section it is very important to write the reason why you chose these 2 alternatives as well as why you reject the others
6. implement the 2 alternatives: here you should write if you choose the 2 alternative what would be the result and how it will affect the company
7. conclusion
please make sure that when you are choosing the best 2 alternatives and you are rejecting the other you cover any information and the results. for my teacher is very important to close all the doors in the case and not leave it open without mentioning and talking about it.
if you have any other information please let me know