Eliac Disease, more than intolerance to gluten and/or wheat.

I will uploade my outline and bibliography that my professor approved please work off of it ONLY with additional research.

Title: Celiac Disease, more than intolerance to gluten and/or wheat.
Reasons Why I chose this pathogen:
1. Personal experience with celiac disease
a. Symptoms
b. When I was diagnosed
c. Reactions
2. Understand the cause
a. Is celiac disease heredity or can it be onset through diet
b. Key factors that contribute to celiac disease
3. What effect does the disease have in the human body and as an athlete.
a. Damage celiac can cause on the digestive system
b. Life style changes
c. Nutrition needs for caloric intake during races as an athlete
3 Main Ideas:
1. History of Celiac Disease and its pathogens
a. When was if first discovered.
2. Habitat of the pathogens
a. If it can be linked directly to a bacteria associated with celiac disease.
3. Management of the disease/bacteria
a. Change in diet and how gluten free digests easier and why.
Conclusion: putting all the pieces together.

Annotated Bibliography

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The author independently researches celiac disease and the habitat of the pathogen and related diseases. With a M.S in Engineering Applied Science from the University of California at Davis, he explores the gut bacteria and the makeup of the fecal microflora in celiac disease patients to see if it can be linked directly to a bacteria; with question if there is a link in Vitamin D Deficiency.

Celiac Disease National Digestive Diseases Information Clearinghouse. (n.d.). Home National Digestive Diseases Information Clearinghouse. Retrieved November 29, 2011, from schuppankelly.pdf
The authors discuss the history of celiac disease and what the disease is. With research and examples, the authors show the genetic components and celiac disease associated with autoimmunity. Tissue Transglutaminase and the missing links, damages it causes on the digestive system. As well as the impact of celiac disease on a nutritional status and managing the disease

Marks, W. Jay (MD). Celiac Disease (Gluten Enteropathy). MedicineNet.com. Retrieved November 29, 2011 from microbe relationships
a?Analysis of the virulence factors of microorganisms and host factors to types and outcomes (include public health importance)
a?Prevention and treatments strategies