Elicopters Livewire (Powerline) Detectors

CLASS PAPER: The basic paper is on how you would structure part of an Aviation Safety program (Importance Of Livewire Detectors) for a commercial airline or government agency. The paper is intended to cause you to do some research as well as demonstrate your thinking and writing skills.
This is a 400-level class and your writing will be graded at the college senior level.

For Aviation Safety Content: You cannot design part of a safety program in a vacuum. So first describe what do you consider the most pressing (one or two) safety problems in aviation today? Your paper should fully describe each problem and why it is a serious safety problem. Then, continue your paper by describing how you would design a safety program element, which will ameliorate these problems from a company point of view. NOTE: This is not a paper about what the Federal Aviation Administration is doing to fix a problem. It is a paper about what an operator must implement at the sub-program and process level.