Eliver nursing care to consumer with mental health conditions

Liam Millerukas is an 18 year old who has recently been admitted to an acute psychiatric unit suffering from schizophrenia. He was brought to the hospital by police officers after he was found standing on the roof of a building, threathening to Fly to the moon”. When spoken to he presented with auditory hallucinations and delusions of grandeuur. He became aggressive towards staff in the admission unit at the hospital and was transferred involuntarily to the high dependency unit for close observation.

Liam has a history of cannabis use on a daily basis and his parents who were born in Poland have not spoken to him for 6 months as they disagree with his lifestyle.


In order to care for Liam the learner is required to demonstrate knowledge of terminology which may be encountered when caring for a client with a mental

Define the following terminology;

formal admission (involuntary admission According to the NSW Mental Health Act 2007)


1.The learner needs to demonstrate an ability to assess a client with a mental health condition (in this case, schizophrenia)

2.List 5 observations regarding mental state which may be relevant to a client with schizophrenia.

3. PREPARE A WRITTEN CARE PLAN to meet Liams needs. (Included)

4. Describe two (2) medications that may be used for a client with schizophrenia, noting their usual dosages and side effects.