Elix Practice Meeting Group Assignments

Section I: Primary Tensions (250+ words for this section)
As you began to prepare for the practice meetings for Weeks 5 and 6, what primary tensions did you personally experience about facilitating and participating in these meetings?
How did you address these primary tensions?
Section II: Evaluations
Evaluation of Others
No specific word count, but grade is based on the level of detail provided.
Submit one 2015 Meeting Evaluation Form for each of the other meetings you attended. (One form per 3 other team members 3 total forms completed for others)
Section III: Tuckmani??s Group Stages (500+ words for this section) see articles assigned as Week 5 reading
Describe examples from your groupi??s interactions which illustrate each stage:
Section IV: Reflection (500+ words for this section)
o Discuss 2 or 3 secondary tensions you experienced during your meeting. i???How did you resolve them?
o Describe some techniques/tools you used in your meeting. i???Did they work well?
i???How will you use them outside this class?
o Was the overall process what you expected? Why or why not? o Describe at least three lessons you learned from the experience.
Section V: Conclusion
o Write a paragraph or two, summarizing your thoughts.
o Remember to include a references list at the end in APA style.