Ell Cycle Progression: A Coordinated Act of Cyclins, Cdks and Checkpoints

You are expected to write a 3 page article on:

Cell Cycle Progression: A Coordinated Act of Cyclins, Cdks and Checkpoints. I want a paper that how each of these components interact with each in the cell cycle. How they work sequential. This is not a general essay that necessarily defines and explains what, but more on how they work together.

Please use ARIAL font, (Font size 11), 1.5 spacing, and 0.75 in margins all around. Points will be deducted if the page length and margin guidelines are not followed.

If you plan on including some figures, you are very welcome! A picture is worth a thousand words!! (Please remember that figures are NOT included in 3 pages).

Bonus points will be given for figures, but they should NOT be a?copy-pasteda? from papers. They should be your own art work; although I understand that the concept will be grasped from reading literature.

Please provide at least 5 references (articles that you have consulted to build up your writing piece). References are not included in the 3 page limit.

I have upload some powerpoints that should be used for glance on the material we covered so you know what is being covered in class and what kind of topics should be covered.