Ell phones. How have they changed us socially

Needs to include.
What is your topic and its significance.
why is the topic inportant, how much research has been done on the topic, how will your research finding advance the field on this topic?
How will you engage in your topic in a way that looks crtically at the topic?
what position will you take, will you be able to draw conclusins/make recommedations
How will yo present and organize the research
How do you plan to organize your paper, what are your main points
What is your style?

I plan to order my reserach paper on the same topic. would like to have the 2 match

Ell phones. How have they changed us socially?

This paper is for a university course titled Research methods and report writing
This course focuses on explaining and practicing research and writing skills. The course will examine the theory of research starting with the principles and aims and then look at the different qualitative and quantitative research methods. Students will also be provided with a theoretical and practical base in formulating, organizing and writing up reports. The class will alternate between lectures/discussions and a writing/research workshop centering upon the specific needs and problems of the each studentsa research project.

Research Project:

Students will prepare a research project on a subject that is of interest to them. This is an individual project. The research must contain an element of primary research. Each student will design and implement a research project which will include the following components:

1. Research question
2. Research methodology
3. Research implementation
4. Research results
5. Summary/presentation of results
The deliverable for the research project is a written report. Details on the report will be discussed with the Professor based on the selected research topic.

Ell Phones: How have they changed us socially?

First page should be outline page. In outline page go from Roman numerals to capital letters. Remain all pages are body and works cited page. Do not use bullets for all research paper, format is MLA, source in parenthesis. DO NOT use Wikipedia. no plagiarism. I attached the example of outline page and works cited page you can see.

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do not use sentence for outline use phrases! do not include your opinions in a research paper

Ell Phones; How have they changed us socially?

-MLA Format
-Work Cited Page
-Paranthetical Citations
-Easybib.com(teacher said it would help?)
-No first Person
-5 sources [professional journal;peer-reviewed, website, book, magazine, editors choice](Can also use perdueowl as a resource)