Ellen g.white desire of ages book report reflection and analysis

Write a report from at least 3 chapters from ellen G. whites desire of ages that includes a refelection and analysis section. The professor tends to grade in this manner:
Structure your paper into 3 parts: introduction (where you provide a rationale for the topic and your
thesis), body (containing the main arguments of your paper), and conclusion (where you state the
outcome drawn from your arguments).
The body of the paper should be subdivided into a brief summary/overview of the reading (no more
than 1.5 double spaced page) and your analysis/reflection of the reading (largest part of the paper).
In your analysis, explore key ideas by addressing questions such as What main point does the author
try to convey,What assumptions does the author hold,What methods does the author use to
convey the message,Why does the author use those methods,How effective/convincing is the
author,What could have made the reading more convincing,What line of reason or logic does the
author follow,What conclusions does the author draw,Does the author sufficiently support the
In your reflection, assess the impact of the author on you as the reader: What overall impression did
you have of the reading? Did the authors logic or line of reason convince you? Why or why not? Did the
style of writing and approach appeal to you? Did you agree with the conclusion or the main point? Why
or why not? How has the reading impacted your own views on the matter?
Many other questions can be addressed beyond the examples included above. Not every example will
be applicable to this reading report, but the above is a good general basis for all of your papers.
Finally, I tend to grade well written, well organized papers higher than one that is well researched but
poorly written. I would encourage you to spend some time crafting your written work and not merely
writing conversationally. This means that you choose accurate and precise words, avoid passive voice,
and write compact/concise sentences
I want to make sure that you e-mail it to me do not mail it to my house