Ello I need a paper regarding obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) it is for a psychology class that only discuses infancy through late adolescence.

Term Paper

Part 1: Demonstrate Understanding of the Disorder
a) Describe the characteristics of the disorder
a. What are the indicators or features of the disorder
b. Why are these features problematic (why do we care)

Part 2: Developmental Impact / Course of development
a) Developmental onset period
a. Why at this time
b. Notable age related changes
b) Developmental Impact / Course of Development
a. Impact on significant areas of development
– Biological Context
1. Issues of heritability / genetics
2. Neurophysiological influences
3. Biochemical
4. Role of Temperament
– Individual Context
1. Cognitive development, schema distortions, language
2. Attachment
3. Emotional development and Emotional regulation (Over regulation or Under regulation)
4. Self development, Self regulation and disruptions in self concept
5. Moral development & reasoning
6. Gender and sexual development
– Family relationships
1. Family structure changes
2. Family interactions
3. Parenting style
– Social interactions
1. Social relationships
2. Adaptation to other social networks
– Culture & Community
1. Cultural adaptations (ethnicity, race, cultural values)
2. Academic functioning

Part 3: What helps and what hurts
a) Risk factors and vulnerabilities that exacerbate the problem
b) Protective factors, resilience and protective mechanisms that ameliorate the problem
c) Explain your position

General Style & Formatting
– 8-12 page limit
– 1 inch margins all around (no more)
– font should be equivalent to Times New Roman 12 or Arial 11 (like this page)
– double spaced
– use Microsoft Word or Word Perfect
– use citations and reference pages
– donat use contractions, this is a formal writing assignment!
– Use section heading s to help identify the different areas of the paper
– Note: there is no need to try to identify the a?causesa? of the disorder, just focus on what happens with development