Ementia Care. Skills for enabling people with dementia and their carers.

Dementia care.

Write a critical review of the literature of psycho social intervention(s) used in an environment that cares for people with dementia taking a humanistic person centred approach.

This assignment should include a reflective account of the use of the intervention critically analysing how you have used an effective form of communication with these people.
. Evaluate critically a range of therapies used in the field of dementia.
. Reflect critically on and debate the range of skills that are required in the practice area to support people with dementia and their carer.
. Demonstrate a critical awareness of the importance of how therapeutic style and communication are central to the implementation of therapies in dementia care.
. Provide a critical awareness of a humanistic person centred approach of implementing appropriate psycho social interventions with people with dementia and their carer.