Ementless fixation of total hip replacements

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The essay is all about cementless fixation of total hip replacement. You are free to write anything about this subject area (no limitation on this subject area ONLY). I don t need a lot of information about total hip replacement; one paragraph will be more than enough. the main subject is the cementless fixation of hip replacement (how to do cementless fixation for hip replacement, advantages and disadvantages of cementless fixation, where the coating done; which part of the hip implant, what materials used for coating, what might go wrong, how to encourage bone growth, ... etc) there is no specific layout for the essay, but all aspect about cementless fixation of total hip replacement need to be addressed. I need every thing to be in a high level and in detail about cementless fixation, as this subject is a 100% coursework so the essay is 100% of the final grade. I need to get at least 2.1 in this essay. The subject name is  Implant design and technology its all about designs, material & etc.

About the sources you can use books and Journals (use as much journal as you can), I want in the essay to show the use of these Journals and books (a lots of citation, in each page at least five citation). You can use website but not a lot. I put down 20 sources only 5 website if you want no more. If you want to put more references I don t mind as many references as you want but not less than 20.

I need EXACTLY 1750 WORDS without the references page, table of content, and the front page. I need to have clear headings (introduction ... etc), the references need to be in UK Harvard s style.

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