Emergency nurse practitioner,impact to minor injury services(hospital setting A&E)

my module is subtatntive project which is review of existing evidence, tittle emergency nurse practitioner(ENP)impact to minor injury services.the first part is LITERATURE REVIEW 2000 word.it will discuss the effect of emergency nurse practioner on WAITING TIME.at 10 related journals.introduction rationale of choosing the topics,method,discusion and conclusion.PART TWO,Further REVIEW OF EXISTING EVIDENCE OF EMERGENCY NURSE PRACTITIONER IMPACT TO MINOR INJURY SERVICES ON 1)COST EFFECTIVENESS,2)CARE EFFETIVENESS 3)PATIENT SATISFACTION 4)AGAINT WAITING TIME.THE TOPICS INTRODUCTON,OBJECTIVE,METHOD,RESULTS(cost effectiveness,care effectiveness,patient satisfaction,wating time.)DISCUSION,CONCLUSION,IMPLICATION TO PRACTICE,IMPLICATION TO RESEARCE,REFERENCE.atleast 15-20 related journal.

All the journals that will be used should be published in the UK