Emingway and Ci??zanne: Sharing a Vision

Paper 3, Final Paper: Compare/Contrast your author and your visual artist.

In this final paper, you will utilize all of the work youve done over the entire semester, comparing and contrasting your chosen author with your chosen artist. Your paper needs to be original.

Paper Guidelines:
1. The author and visual artist youve written on already in this class will both be the focus of this final paper.
2. Write a 2-4 page APA-formatted paper on your artist and your writer, focusing on their similarities and differences, including their lives and work.
3. Your paper should follow APA format, like all other papers in this course, including: an original title, in-text citations and a REFERENCES page.
4. This third and final paper should have AT LEAST FOUR (4) VALID SOURCES, combining scholarly, popular and gallery/museum sources (you may use valid sources from your first and second papers).

My chosen author was Ernest Hemingway and the visual artist was Paul Cezanne