Emocracy in America by Tocqueville on Chapter 10

the final chapter 10 in volume 1, part 2, of democracy in america is entitled Some Considerations on the present state and the probable future of the three races that inhabit the territory of the united states.write an interpretive essay that seeks to uncover and elucidate the most significant philosophical/political implications of this chapter.

in approaching this topic, you are free to do any number of things. you can interpret the chapter as a whole; you may wish to focus on a specific theme or issue on the chapter; or you may wish to relate the chapter to volume one as a whole. the only restirction you have is that the complete fous of the essay must be on the final chapter.

Secondary sources: although you are not required to cite secondary articles and books in your essay, i strongly suggest that you try and include at least 5 (if you want an A). all sources must be from reputable, scholarly journals and publishing houses: no strictly internet based sources. if it cannot be found in a library it cannot be used as a source.