Emonstrate your outstanding academic,personal or profesional achievement or potential.

This Statement should include :
1. Academic and Other relevant professional Achievements
2. How you expect to benefit from your chosen course of study.
3. How you have the potential to make an exceptional contribution to the university, and to society after you graduate.

Please do not include information which is not relevant to the scholarship e.g. achievements in extra-curricular activities (such as sports, voluntary work or excellence in the arts or other areas of individual achievement) or financial circumstances.
Here I included you some of my academic backgrounds (related to the statement 1.Requirement) which is from kindergarten up to university level. Iam Chinese Educated, been studied in Chinese School since my kindergarten to primary, continued learned mandarin language during my secondary school as well where took up some course during my break just to kept my mandarin knowledge up to dated. Iam mixed blood Malay + Indian Muslim from Malaysia.I can spoke more than one language Malays,English,Mandarin and understand Tamil language. Iam just an ordinary, where only perform an ordinary result during my primary and secondary (Oalevel) and get admitted to some private college to further my diploma.
Iam now a Btec Higher National Diploma in Business holder during my diploma I work harder and perform an exceptional result where I graduated my foundation with (CGPA 3.83) and my diploma with (CGPA 3.71).And Iam now admitted to oneas of the top university in United Kingdom for 3years Law programs. In order to get merit scholarship from this university they required me an essay which cover up the entire topic above. Iam going for the 3 year s Law programs. I really need your help in creating up some essay about more to myself and the course that Iam going to study which how will they involved society and the university as well. If you need any extra information from me pleases do text me via email. I hope to hear from you soon. Thanks