Emonstrate your understanding of cultural theories and apply them to MNCs, HRM practice

For this assignment you need to demonstrate understanding of theories and research on cultures and the operating of multinational companies. Given the differences in cultures involved with the operations of the company.
Part1 Critical analysis of theory and research.
-use cultural theories or models to serve as a framework. (Hofstede,Trompanar)
-why people are different in term of culture?In what aspect are people different ?
-why is it important to understand culture?, what are different theories talking about culture? What are their assumption?what have those theories achieve?
*why these theories are important. Why you choose these theories.
Part2 Multinational and the role of expatriates.
-apply theories to inform expatriate management for MNCs.
-how could expatriates adapt to other cultures and improve the management of organization ie. culture awareness, resolving ethical dilemmas.
-critical evaluate this concept in terms of systematical and adequate evaluation of cultural skills of employees.
-what characteristics of expatriates predict good adjustment? Ie personality, cross culture capabilities(cultural intelligence, global mindset, global leadership)
-how do companies do to ensure they manage expatriates successfully?(how to recruit and select expatriates?, what kind of training is needed?, how do company asses expatriate performance?
-increasing awareness of diversity and decreasing stereotypes(ethnocentrism)

**show clear logic structure, demonstrate understanding.
Support evidence from academis journal or article.
Use clear heading and subheading
Restate and highlight key understanding points in the conclusion section