Emotional labor in hotel services in greece

Section One: Introduction
1.1. Aims and objectives
The aim of this dissertation is to analyze the impact of display rules on gender and whether there are any differences in the way the different sexes perceive emotional labor and its effects. In particular, this study examines the way they experience and perceive emotional dissonance (in terms of surface acting, genuine acting and deep acting) (this is flexible to changes if you think it is confusing). In the following section (at the beginning of section 2 you should include a couple of paragraphs with the definitions of emotional labor and other relevant definitions), the current literature review will be critically analyzed based on the general research questions (I need 2-3 general research questions) that this study examines.

Section three explains the methodology of this qualitative research and the way it was executed in great detail (the only method used is interviews of about 20 employees and you may add the lack of variety of methods as one of the limitations of the research). The results from the research will be discussed in detail in section four and the significance of the findings will be analyzed (there should be some quotations of what the interviewees said). The final section (5)  Conclusion will briefly discuss the limitations of the research and implications for the management. Furthermore, this section will also summarize the main findings of the study.

1.2. Research setting
The research will take place in a hotel where customer satisfaction is the most important priority of the management. So, this study was conducted in Calypso Hotel in Rhodes, an island which is considered to be the  heavy tourist industry of Greece. The hotel belongs to REXTE Company, which is one of the largest hotel companies in Rhodes and it has its hotels in different parts of the island. Calypso Hotel is the flagship hotel, and currently has 461 rooms and employs 177 employees. This study is focused on the employees who have frequent interactions with the customers, and that is the front line staff. There are 6 departments in the hotel, but the research was focused to the employees in the biggest departments, which are Food and Beverage, Housekeeping and Front-office.

The employees of Calypso hotel have predefined rules which are explained to them at their induction and this is how their interpersonal interactions with the hotel guests are structured. Their performance is judged by the way they exercise their duties and they must always keep in mind that the hotel s utmost priority is customer satisfaction. This research is of importance because of that and because of the general lack of separate HR departments in the majority of companies in Greece. Human resource management is becoming more and more important in Greece and slowly more and more companies acknowledge its importance, but most of them still haven t introduced HR policies and practices. Similarly, REXTE Company does not have a separate HR department and all the matters related to the personnel are handled by the manager of the hotel. (there should be no changes at all in the research setting and you should add these details to the introduction of the dissertation)

P.S. double spacing should be used except for quotations or footnotes where single spacing should be used. Quotations should be indented. The questions of the interviews should about 12 in number and they should be mentioned in an appendix at the end of the dissertation, after the bibliography. Finally, if you would like I could provide you with some articles that I have already found about the subject (just let me know).