Employee turnover and retention at (ABC) company


Im doing MBA through distance learning program in one of the UK universities. I would like my disseratition paper to be a reasearch type that discusses mainly the causes that drove the high turnover of emplyees in the company I work for which Id like to refer to as (ABC) company during the year 2006 specifically. In my paper Id like to suggest some strategies for my compnay to follow to reduce and retain employees. Through this paper Id like to compare this phenomena happening in my company to other companies in saudi arabia and further to other companies around the world to see if what my company going through any different to what is going on in the business field nowadys. Id like this paper to discuss other recent experinces on this issue and the best practices and theories suggested to overcome it. I can provide you with any information needed about my company that could aid in completing this paper professionally. I would like you to understand that youll be doing for me the dissertation proposal that contains (2000) words, and the final dissertation paper that contains not less than (15,000) words. I would like to recieve the prposal paper. Id like to establish an open contact with the writer to ensure this paper will deliver it expected goals without any delays.