Employment conditions and impacts of new technologies

How and why have employment patterns and conditions changed within one
creative industry since 1980 and (a) where do the opportunities lie within that
sector now, and (b) what skills and competencies do you need take advantage of
Notes: when looking at conditions it may be relevant to refer to unions and the effect of
casualisation on collective bargaining.
A McRobbie, Clubs to Companies
Beck/Cultural Work: G Murlock (2003) Back to Work
L Maramotti (2003) Connecting Creativity
Specific Assessment Criteria:
a? Reference to two or more speakers
a? Evidence to detailed research on particular creative sector
a? Inclusion of specific contemporary examples
M Deuze (2008), Liquid Media Work
S Cunningham (2005) Creative Enterprises
J Howkins, The Core Creative Industries
J Howkins, Click and Go