Ender analysis frame workCapacities and Vulnerabilities framework

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Use case study provided,excellent analysis of the case study, critically analysis and explain the chosen gender analysis framework(Capacities and Vulnerabilities framework) and the rationale for applying this particular framework. Analyze case according to the framework from a social work perspective and suggest unique social work contributions to its implementation.br /
An excellent analysis of the case study will effectively us the concepts discussed in class and the readings to use a gender analysis framework to critically analyse the case and effectively identify strengths and weaknesses of the case relating to the use of a gender lens in the case. Eg, Incorporation of a gender related issues as a factor that may or may not affect the outcomes of the development project or initiativebr /
The paper will clearly articulate how a gendered perspective is implemented within the case and whether or not this implementation has been effective or not. This paper also clearly demonstrate an understanding of what gender lens is in the context of development and how it is or not embodied in this case.br /
In addition the paper will be well organized, concise and include thought out recommendations for improvement or adjustment in the case.