Ender and Power Dynamic in The Loverby Marguerite Duras

Write an essay discussing the books gender and power dynamic. This is for a Womens Literature class.
I have also attached a writing sample, because I have used paramount for a previous essay in this class. However, the write did not do a satifactory job, and I got a C on the paper, which is unacceptable. IF I am paying someone to write a paper, it better be a great paper I am spending my money on. Anyone can write a C paper in a few minutes. The paper is really wordy, and its just a really bad paper. But i also need the teacher to think the same person wrote both papers.
We have gone over a ROUGH outline in class. This outline MUST be followed, it is what the teacher gave the class, because my essay topic got chosen as an example. IF you have ANY questions, and i mean ANY questions, then please email me or send a message through here. For lack of better words, I am going to be super pissed if you dont ask questions, and then the paper is completely different than what the teacher and class talked about.
This outline should also make is super easy for you to write. Obviously, if something is missing in this outline then add it . This is just what she gave me in class, so this is just a bare minimum, but she will obviously be pleased that her concepts and ideas are being followed.


1. Introduction
a. Contextualize the Lover as either an
autobiography/anti novel, and/or fiction
Post Colonial Novel
Noveau Roman
Post Modern
b. Give brief background
c.State Aims and focus of novel.

II. Family Dynamic
a. social/economic/colonial
b. power of family
1. white colonizers
2. head mistress of school
3. dont have disposable income
4. have titles, but not actual money.
C. The Mother
1 . In debt
2. Money lendermade bad investment. Has a life script for daughter because she knows its th eonly way to succeed, patriarchal script .
D. Absent father
E. Reign of Brother
1. Embodies male power, privilege, colonizersteps into dads role.

III. Crossing Boundaries
crossing of ferry
A. Gaze
1. The protaganist is looked at, but can also return the gaze.
2. She sees what is happening, and how people look at her, but can also look at the people who are looking at her.
Use quote about her saying I want, I know..
B. Masquerade crossing masculine and feminine
1. Silk dress with belt
2. Fedora hat
C. Composes libidinal image with great self awareness.
D. Decodes her own image and how it is assembled.
savior pavoir
Knowledge power
self power
E. She returns that seductiveness.

IV. Libidinal Economy
A. Phallus /dephallusized
( Book talks about how the only think masculine about his body is his phallus, how everything is so soft.
B. As man he is in charge as millionare Duras flips that.
C. Sexual Agency

There is a lot missing in the libindal economy paragraph. We ran out of time in class, so there definitely needs to be more content and concepts. OBviously, you ar egoing to have more paragraphs too, but use this as a baseline. This must info must be used.

Other vocab and concepts used in classs
Jouissanceused in feminist theory. To enjoy sexual pleasure, or to enjoy sexual rapture without limits or any kind of boundaries. It is a site of power/creativity for women .
Sexual agency
feminits meld spititual with sexual.

Again, contact me if you have any questions, i will be checking my messages every few hours so you can contact me.