Ender and schooling dissertations outline

I already Got A 600 hundred words proposal and need u to rewrite and edit it. When u write the proposal the most important thing is every question need to connect to a literature. And please!!!type and save those literature in the proposal. Such as I use this method is because of XXXbooks saidXXX.

I would now like you to write a short research proposal, to cover the following:

1. Preliminary title for the dissertation
2. A paragraph on the a?problema or topic that your dissertation will cover
Questions and subquestions.
3. Key findings from two or three previous studies on the topic
4. Suggested research questions
5. How you expect to carry out the research (what methods will you use? How will you sample participants?)
There are some problem and grammer mistakes in the one I previously got need to be proofread and rewrite edit.
1,Grammer mistake
2,What do u mean by attendance?
3. What are the reasons?
4. What do u mean by attendance? Is it physically there? Need to identify this.
5. Make clear about what are the reasons students not going to class. What are the possibilities? Need to be specify! For example: friends going/ Punishment by teachers/ Job/ Love learning/.
Proper look at the literature. All the key issues need to explore in the literature.

Ender and schooling dissertations outline

I need to write a outline for my dissertation. The Big topic is
Gender and schooling. However, I need to write a specific topic in this area. In the out line it should includes what the specific topic is . which method I am goung to use, and who are the focous group and the ethic considers etc. Here are what I need to do for this.

Do pupilsa experiences of school differ by gender? In this study, you will explore whether gender differences in experiences of schooling exist and if so, how they arise. You will pick one area of schooling to focus on e.g. subject choices, relationships with teachers, academic achievement, and conduct a small-scale study to explore how gender might influence young peopleas educational experiences. You might speak to pupils, teachers or parents in order to investigate this topic. You will likely use a questionnaire and/or interviews and/or observation to gather data and present your findings using simple numerical analysis and/or qualitative analysis methods.