Ender difference in parent-child communication about sexuality

Hi Mr, Waseem,

This essay will be for one of my friend as I told you before. His professor gave him a specific topic to read and then write this paper acording to it.
I will send you this paper after submitting the order and get the nmber for it so I can send it to your e-mail.

The format of this paper will be as follows:

Fist, you will summarize the reading in about a page or two.

Second, you will critically evaluate the reading in about 2 to 3 pages. The nature of the critical evaluation will be partly a product of which of the four articles you decide to analyze. Critical evaluation involves nothing the strengths and the weaknesses of the reading. Strengths can be such things as the reading was well organized, clearly valid, and the rationale is well thought out. Weaknesses are often the flip side of strengths; such as the reading is not well organized, not clearly written, many claims were not documented, etc. If you identify a certain weakness such as  claims are often not documented give an example of a claim that was not documented. if you claim that much of the evidence that is cited is out-of-date then be sure and give examples.

The third and final section of the paper should be an integrated summary of the content, weaknesses, and strengths of the article.

Please try to follow each point in this instruction. Use Times New Romans with a font size 11.