Ender Differences and Similarities between the United States and Afghanistan

Paper Over ViewYour final paper does not have to be a research paper per se, but rather can be more of a literature, or Thoughtpaper, in which you engage critically with the topic at hand.

StructureAlthough this may not be a formal research paper, it is still an academic paper and should be structured accordingly. It should include and brief introduction and conclusion.

EvaluationYour essay will be evaluated on the bases of both content and style. In particular, I will be looking for a critical analysis of the material. Please do not merely write a book report or a historical summary of the time/place. Be creative, look for interesting links between ideas and develop and support an argument of your own. Be sure to back up your argument with evidence.

More InformationI will be using a Mac Book Pro, please send attachment as Mac friendly. Thank you.