Ender diversity in leadership on corporate boards and banking risk taking

1. Section 3.2 suggests looking at BoardEx and are presenting numbers of banks (UK and US). Why? How others construct indicators of leadership etc rather than read about sampling. Why eight variables? It is too soon to be precise. Hypotheses, expectations, data collection will inform what can and cannot be done.
2. The document should review what others have done, why and how yii?? 0.5 including the advantages/disadvantages of their approach. Whilst we can draw ideas from this, we should be aware that some data might be difficult to collect. Please consider this and do not claim you will do something without checking out data availability first.
3.start to break this chapter into the 3 questions and state for each of these
i) the hypothesises for each of these and possible relationships etc.
ii) what data set will be using for each
iii) analysis the relationships identified for each study .
Iv) drawbacks of the approaches outlined for each study
4. include a few tables summarising past studies approaches to similar questions as to what you raise.