Ender Equality; is it a myth or a reality

it is an Argumentative essay; Rogerian Model”
My topic is about Gender equality, if there is equality between both women and men..actually it is a myth! its a mixed topic between the equality and womens rights. I dont think there should be equality, like women shouldnt think that they want to be like men because they cant. If we are all the same then God could have created us all men.
Women are not like men and they wont be like men, they cant handle things the way men do.

Thats an explanation of my paper topic; I think gender equality is a myth.
it should be a detailed paper, productive, and to the point.

The purpose of the Rogerian argument is to build common ground, not to a?wina? an argument, the Rogerian model is composed of five parts:
1. Introduction
2. Background
3. Counterclaims and counterevidence
4. Reasons and evidence
5. Conclusion
In a Rogerian argument, however, the writer works to establish a common understanding of the issue and explores the counterclaims and counterevidence before discussing the writeras own reasons and evidence. Instead of refuting the counterevidence, the writer explores its legitimacy first and then explains why he or she still believes the thesis afterward.