Ender Film Analysis: Fight Club the movie and looking at it through a masculinist perspective as well as consumerist

The main perspective that it should be analyzed as (lens) and related to different movements.
* Masculinist (antifeminist) movements

* Menas rights activists

* men are discriminated against in retain spheres and masculinity need to be (re)claimed.
* Traditional gender roles should be restored

* Men as a?head of householda?
* Yet, not a?meal ticketsa?
* Toughness, self-reliance, and invulnerability qualities to be valued as men

* Free men
* National Coalition for Men

* Fatheras rights

* Believe that courts discriminate against fathers because of the belief that women are a?primary parents.a?
* Unique rhetorical strategies
* Storming local media in Europe

Having gone through several different theories of origin, womenas and menas movements, and ways gender is communicated, you will conduct a film analysis and prepare a research paper combining the theories and your deconstruction of your film. Specifically, you will be examining in depth the way(s) gender, and other aspects of identity such as race, class, sexuality, ability, etc., function throughout the movie. Importantly, an analysis is not simply a rehash or a review of the film. Rather you will be expected to examine the movie using one or more theoretical perspectives introduced in class and make an argument or evaluation about the way(s) gender and communication function as you see it. Someone watching the exact same movie as you may come up with a completely different interpretation. Your grade is not determined by the conclusion you come to, rather than effort you apply in using class concepts to deeply analyze the movie.

Step 1: Choose a film from the provided list. If you wish to analyze a movie not on the list, you must see me ASAP. It is critical that I am very familiar with the movies being studied, so I may or may not grant your request, but it doesnat hurt to ask as early as possible.

Step 2: Watch the movie! In some cases, twice! You are no longer simply an audience member, you are a researcher with specific goals and therefore you will be (re)watching your film while applying relevant theories and looking for specific scenes, behaviors, dialogue, and images. There is no way you can complete all components of this assignment simply from your memories of watching Mean Girls a lot in high school. Take notes! Rewind! You will expected to pick apart various elements of the movie looking for how gender/sex/race/sexuality/class functions and/or is portrayed. What is the role of gender and communication in and among the characters, dialogue, and story lines?

Step 3: Research. While watching your movie, you should be trying out different theoretical a?lensesa? on the story, characters, and images. Once you feel you have selected the appropriate perspectives through which to analyze the film, you must find FIVE scholarly articles from outside of class which pertain to your argument. You will probably also use readings from class to back up your claims and analysis. We will conduct a research workshop in class to assist you understanding this part of the assignment.

Step 4: Get Writing. The detailed rubric breaking down all required components is below. The final paper is due Friday, December 6th at midnight via D2L.


Film Analysis Research Paper

Elaborated Evaluation Criteria

This project is worth a total of 20% of the course grade. It culminates in a paper that is 15-17 double-spaced pages of text (plus full references and any appendices, such as pictures or other visuals). Alternate formats must be negotiated well in advance with your instructor; otherwise I will assume you will be turning in a paper. The full project is due on Friday, December 6th. Your analysis should contain the following components:

Introduction (15 points): Briefly describe your specific focus, purpose, and rationale for this project. After reading this section I should know what film you chose and a little something about your relationship to it. That is, had you seen it before? Why did you choose it? What about it piqued your interest in it as the focus of analysis? Etc.

Finally, this section should end in a clear thesis statement: After analyzing the film _____ through _____ theoretical framework(s), I found ______. (or something like this). Hint, hint: This section is almost written after the rest of the paper is completed.

Establish your theoretical framework (25 points). Identify and explain the theoretical framework (e.g., previous scholarly literature, important concepts & perspectives) that guides your analysis. What theories from class and the text stand out as relevant to your film? What have scholars had to say about issues related to your topic already? How are specific theories and ideas about gender and communication informing the way you view and interpret the movie and conduct your analysis? Explain what these concepts mean and why they are especially appropriate for your project. You should be utilizing theories of gender and communication drawn from course materials and outside research. **Note: This is where relevant content from the 5 additional scholarly articles required (see project description in syllabus) should first be introduced.**

Film description (15 points): While this assignment is not a a?film review,a? you should include a few paragraphs about the movie itself. What is it about? When was it made? What was going on the country/world when it was written and filmed? Who are the relevant characters to your analysis? What are the relevant plot lines that you will be examining (often some of the most interesting material comes from the B-story)? Why these and not others?

4. Make a clear and compelling argument (50 points): This is the meat of your paper. This is where you go beyond a cursory description of the movie and dig deeper into specific scenes, characters, story lines, dialogue, images, music, really any part of the movie is game for analysis. What is the role of gender and communication in this film? What does your theoretical framework(s) help you to uncover about the portrayal of gender/sex/race/class in the film? Here you should accomplish 2 things:

(a) Take a descriptive position: Give a detailed deconstruction of what you see going on in the film. Using your theoretical len(ses), give specific examples of the ways gender (and other identities) function, are shaped, and are represented in the film.

(b) Take an evaluative position: What do you make of these findings (e.g., are they positive, negative, both, something elsea┬Žand why, exactly)? This is where you weave your findings with your personal perspective.

Your argument is like a thread woven and developed throughout the paper. It should be previewed in the introduction, elaborated and supported throughout the paper, and a?driven homea in the conclusion (see also #5 below). **Note: A strong argument does not simply repeat or illustrate course material; it extends or advances that material. Be very clear about how your argument adds something distinctive to our content this semester, as well as to your 5 additional articles.**

Conclusion (20 points): Here is where you will discuss the theoretical and practical implications of your analysis. Think of it this way: So what? In other words, why should gender and communication scholars as well as film makers and consumers care about your findings? Whatas unique and significant about your argument? What are its implications for the study of gender and communication, as well as the practice of gender and communication in real life? Be specific.

6. Attend to stylistic matters (25 points): The presentation or a?packaginga of messages affects their persuasiveness. So in your paper, pay close attention to issues of format, logic, grammar, word choice, punctuation, sentence & paragraph formation, and so forth. Also, remember to provide a list of referenc