Ender Identification in early childhood

The paper incorporates a subject youve studied in this course.
a? Textbook:
Problems of Children and Adolescence, custom edition for Central Texas College,McWhirter/Newman; Thomson Wadsworth, 2008.

a? Early School age (4-6 yrs)
a) Gender Identification in early childhood
b) Understanding gender
c) Gender role standard
d) Gender preference

You are to get some historical background on the subject and then apply it to children or adolescents. If its a disorder talk about treatment and prevention. This paper is not to be just a research paper but show me you can apply the information to the population we have been studying.
The paper is to be at least 8 pages long and should have a cover page, outline, content, references, and a power point slide presentation. The eight pages can include the cover page, outline, content, and reference page. The Power point presentation is to not be included in the page count for the paper, but turned with the paper. The paper is to be written in APA style writing.