Ender Identity Disorder and Psychosexual Problems in Children and Adolescents


a? 12 point font, double spaced. Please number your pages and STAPLE them together.
a? 5 to 7 pages (1250a 1750 words)
a? Please use MLA style

Give your research paper a title that includes a major abstraction and a reference to your research site.

In your introductory paragraphs, remember to include:
a? Your main concern/focus and relevant abstraction(s) (particularly a?prestigea? abstractions).
a? The current state of knowledge, as reported by other researchers.
a? A knowledge deficit (the limits of existing knowledge), as you understand it.
a? Your research question(s) that will address this knowledge deficit.
a? The method you will us to carry out your research.
a? The research site (or sites) where you will pursue your research question.

Throughout your paper, remember to include:
a? Reporting expressions to remind your reader of which scholar is speaking.
a? A mix of abstractions and details that allows your reader to see the reasoning behind your analysis and discussion.

In your concluding paragraphs, remember to:
a? Confirm the main point of the essay, and the knowledge deficit it has addressed.
a? Return readers to the most important abstractions (the same ones with which you began the essay).
a? Refer to the paperas own limitations.
a? Gesture towards the future; towards knowledge-creation that is still to come.

At least 4 references

The research should be about Gender Identity Disorder in children and adlescents.
(must be related to transgenderism)
My personal request is to write it in Bto B level because I am an International student, so not using very professional word choices. Thank you.