Ender in Actionthis is Women in Contemporary Society class!!


1. A Jury of Her Peers is a good tale but its author was a pioneering journalist writing at a peak period in feminist agitation for the vote during World War I. The female characters are obviously not feminists but in what way does the story illustrate a view of gender in society that many feminists held, and still hold?

2. If you baby-sit, work in a childcare facility, or have younger siblings you can observe small children in the processing of deciphering the rules of gendered behavior, and trying to conform to them. How do children  police these rules? Do all children willingly follow them? How do adults reinforce gender, if they do? Are the rules stricter for boys than for girls? Be very specific; describe specific incidents and individuals wherever possible.  Policing refers to children regulating each other with teasing, violence, or pointed comments such as   Hey, boys don t play with dolls.

This is Women in Contemporary Society class.

Please read  A Jury of Her Peers in attachment for fisty page.

Please read qustion 2 to write for second page.

Please write very carefully and well because this is very very important paper for me.

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