Ender in the Colonial period (Womenas Rights)

The essay must be a minimum of 3-5 pages in length, typed, double spaced in Times New Roman font 12 pt. with one inch margins, do not exceed 7 pages. (If you use footnotes 4-6 pages in length) The essay must include an introductory paragraph with a clearly stated thesis-argument, and a conclusion restating your argument along with the main points of your essay. All evidence must be cited in MLA format. No Internet sources!!! a Unless its from an academic Journal (JSTOR)
pose an argument, and provide evidence from the texts, lectures, website and a minimum of 3 outside sources and a maximum of 5 to prove your argument.

At least one source should be a primary source and that source should be analyzed within the paper.
Remember you are not merely giving a report on your subject but illustrating the impact, it had on society.
you should evaluate the primary source to determine if it is reliable or not and why you think so.