Ender in the Mediterranean community of Tunisia .

PROPOSAL FOR A RESEARCH PROJECT IN THE MEDITERRANEAN Wow! You just i??goti?? $10,000 from FMR (The Foundation for Mediterranean Research, an imaginary agency) to fund your research project in the Mediterranean in the topic listed below:

. Gender in the Mediterranean community of Tunisia .

2.Write an Outline: title, one paragraph description; a couple of references.
3. Write a research proposal: describe what you found in the literature on your topic (use at least FOUR scholarly sources). Next, describe what are the questions you are interested in this particular topic that were not answered in literature.
4. Describe in detail your research method: time you will spend doing this research, fieldwork /participant observation and/or library research in the Mediterranean region (be specific: choose a particular town or village); hiring paid assistants if necessary, spending time in the local library and/or museums, conducting interviews, hiring research assistants if any, etc.
5. In the concluding page describe how your research will contribute to the knowledge of Mediterranean cultures and its people.
6. In a separate section calculate your Budget: find out the airfare to your destination, calculate thelodging expenses. Try to find the best deals using, e.g. Lonely Planet guide or similar sources) and pay to the potential assistants and hosts. You will need to bring