Ender issues in early years Foundation stage

This is a report on gender the report aims to have lots of reading in my bibliography and lots of journals included. In my introduction i need to talk about the broader awareness around all social classes then write it down to my report title Gender issues in early years foundation stage.br /
Assignment 1Complete an investigation and write a 2,500 word report linked to learning outcomes 3,4,5. br /
br /
3.Evaluate the potential impact of socio-cultural and environmental influences upon educational achievement in relation to different socio-economic a?classesabr /
4. Analyse the potential impact of gender influences upon educational achievementbr /
5. Explain the potential impact of cultural influences upon educational achievement in relation to academic achievementbr /
I have attached a power point of how the layout of the report should be.br /
Throughout my report look at statistics female workers and males workers in early years, boy achievers/ girls achievers.br /
I must have Legalisation and policy in this report.br /
Look at how in the 1970s pedagogical approach through gender base issues.