Ender, Race, and Labor in Quiet Odyssey:A Pioneer Korean Woman in America

Mary Paik Leeas memoir A Quiet Odyssey recounts her experiences as one of the first Korean immigrants in the U.S. Drawing from course readings and lectures, and selecting 3-4 significant scenes from the memoir to analyze, make a compelling and critical argument that addresses the relationships among labor, community, and identity within the early Korean immigrant community in the following question:

What kind of agricultural conditions did Maryas family face in Hawaii and then the U.S. mainland, how did those conditions shape the different kinds of racialized and gendered familial and communal formations that emerged, and how were some (or all) of those formations shaped by the phenomenon of homeland politics practiced by the early Korean immigrant community? Be sure to make your analysis of 3-4 scenes from the novel the focus of your blog post; I do NOT want to see a summary of the memoir or anything resembling a book report.
By the way,all the citation should be from so bookA Pioneer Korean Woman in America”