Ender Relations in the world and cultural product that is saying something about gender relations

You will write two essays for this takehome exam (one in response to Question 1 and the other in

response to Question 2). Your two separate essays must be typed and labeled.

In these essays, wherever possible you will draw DIRECTLY on course readings in order to define the

concepts you are using, discuss how sociologists think about these concepts, and apply the concepts to the

films. An essay that does not discuss readings directly will get no higher than a C grade.

WARNING: DO NOT PLAGIARIZE. This means that when you quote or paraphrase course material

or borrow ideas and definitions from the readings or lecture, you must provide the citation for the

material you are using. When you quote or paraphrase the course material, make sure to explain it



You must answer BOTH questions 1 and 2, SEPARATELY:

1. How does the gender binary restrict and/or empower the main characters in the film? In what ways

do the main characters live up to and/or reject hegemonic masculinity and emphasized femininity?

How are they a?doing gender?a? How does gender intersect with other dimensions of inequality (class,

race, physical ability, age, nation, etc.) to shape how the characters a?do gender?a? In other words,

how do racialized and class-based gender ideals restrict and/or empower the main characters in the


2. Ultimately, what stance do you think the film and the filmmaker is taking on gender and on

patriarchy? Is the film critical of patriarchy or does it reinforce patriarchy? Is the film critical

of the traditional gender binary we find in patriarchy or does it help to justify and reinforce that

binary? Does it offer a subversive or patriarchal vision of gender? Does the film offer a hegemonic

or counter-hegemonic view of gender relations? How can you tell? Support your argument with

evidence and examples. (Some ideas for how to think about thisa whom does the film ask you to

sympathize with, look up to or find heroic? Whom does the film portray negatively? What kinds of

situations are portrayed positively in the film? What kinds of situations are portrayed negatively?

How can you tell?)

Writing Guidelines:

a? Imagine writing this for another student at De Anza who has not taken this class. Be sure to

define and explain any concepts that they would be unfamiliar with. Give lots of context and

background so that such a person would be able to understand your arguments. You should

also explain enough about the film for a reader unfamiliar with it to understand your points.

a? Your essay should take the form of complete sentences organized into P.I.E. paragraphs.

Each body paragraph will include a Point that answers one of the subquestions, offers one or

more Illustrations from the film you watched to support your point and Explanation of those

examples using our course readings about gender. Use specific concepts and passages from

our readings to Explain/Analyze your points and illustrations. Make sure to define and explain

the sociological concepts you focus on to your reader. Make sure to explain why the examples

you are using are effective examples of whatever it is you are trying to illustrate. Write at least

a paragraph per task in the essay question.

a? Try to convey as much as possible about what you have learned in this course in your responsesa

what you write down is the only formal evidence I have about your learning in this class. Each

essay should be 3-4 pages long.

a? Read the question carefully to be sure you understand what it is asking. After finishing

an essay, re-read both the question and your response to make sure youave answered the

question asked.

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