Ender Representation of Childrenas Television cartoon

Length: 3750 words [4000 words maximum]

The title of the essay is:
a?Gender Representation of Childrenas Television cartoona

Basically pick ONE/ TWO (among all) childrenas television cartoonsidentify and critically discuss an issue that has implications for educators. Compare the differences/similarities they have in regards to the theme gender (masculinity and femininity) and examine it using one or more examples drawing from the media. How gender is portrayed/ represented in childrenas television cartoons as a text to children. What messages do these cartoons want to bring out and thinking if you are the educator, how this might influence children and what educators should do? Please do not use bullet point and use first person a?I will xxxa.

This is not an opinion piece. You are expected to:

(i) Draw on concepts and/or theoretical frames (e.g, issues of representation, gender, and/or semiotic theory) as you critically discuss the issue you have identified that is the One/Two children television cartoon you have picked up;

(ii) Draw from relevant journal articles and other academic sources as you develop your framework and discuss the issues (references to support); and,

(iii) Consider the implications of your selected topic and accompanying analysis for education and/or educators.

As this is a media and Education module. It explores a range of established and emerging media forms and consider their implications for education. Considering the role of education in a cultural contextHow gender representation of childrens television cartoons has play the role of education in a cultural context.

*You have to a?Critically analyzea to evaluate something that is a step beyond describing something or having a random opinion. Your point of view needs to be presented as a well-reasoned argument that leads to a conclusion. Your view/evaluation/conclusion should be based on evidence (examples and/ or literature) and on the application of a theory or framework.